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My philosophy of education

I believe that the best education is inquiry based. It provides for learner driven investigations and is learner centered. I aim to provide hands on education for my learners and join the their learning journey and investigations. Provocations work best with learners, driving student initiated action and lifelong learning. I believe learners need to be able to learn how to learn, be global citizens and be internationally minded.

So to sum up, my philosophy isn’t paragraphs long but a few major points to sum up:

Its okay to make mistakes.
You learn more when things go wrong.
Never give up, even when people tell you to.
Make a difference.
Challenge yourself.

…….and believe in yourself and others.

Someone once told me that its not what you know, its how you use it.

2017: I am working on a new belief statement. You can find a post about it here.


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