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Learning from Learners

November 25, 2017

I just had a powerful learning experience this weekend. I facilitated an EARCOS Weekend Workshop on Learning Technologies in Bandung, Indonesia. Full disclosure- it was my old school where I worked for 6 years (now 2.5 years removed) so I saw familiar faces and new ones.

I’ve always believed that teaching others is the highest form of learning- in the classroom and in professional development. This was no exception exception and I had very high expectations for my self to deliver as this was no ‘ordinary’ audience.IMG_6915

I struggled a lot over the past 9 months preparing for this workshop. Very diverse learning needs- Early Years to High School, Specialists, Admin and a group of teacher refugees and participants from other schools…. Of course there was a wide range of technological interest and capability ranging from tools to knowledge to passion. We worked our way through defining what learning technologies meant in out situation and how we can use it to enhance learning. We inquired into personal learning communities and digital citizenship. One are that expanded their thinking was digital literacy and using the CARP method and Kerri Lee Beasley’s @klbeasley  book Design Secrets Revealed to create posters about who we were as learners. Skills they could bring back to class on Monday.Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 7.02.15 PM.png

We examined the use and impact of technologies such as 3D printing. augmented reality and coding and what impact that has on our learners to name a few.

My big takeaway is there is always something to learn from everyone  and everybody is an expert in something. I always come away with knowledge of stuff  working with others.

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