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It Continues….Google Innovator #SYD17

September 23, 2017

Its been over a month since Google Innovator 2017. What can I say. Simply awesome. From the networking to the learning spaces. From challenging my thinking to allowing me to try and fail (and leave me feeling good about it) it was a great 2 days. A crazy busy 2 days.

DIJnbVwUQAAJsdy (1).png

So now to my project that I crafted a prototype in Sydney. Now its time tweak it, change  it. Maybe even destroy it. Working on my project to get learners and teachers planning iTime in a strategic way and possibly using community or global connections to enhance learning, problem solving and problem finding. One thing I know there is a need.

Stoked to have Carlos Galvez @clos_gm  as my mentor for my journey this year. Ive been a fan for some time seeing his stuff he does in PE. Check out Carlos’s blog here.

Stay tuned…it continues…


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