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August 12, 2017

FYO PD (Find Your Own Professional Development). I think its crucial to identify your learning goals, passions and dreams. It also helps to see if those match those of your school’s if you want their support and understandably so. FYO PD is not always about going overseas (although those f2f interactions can be invaluable) but its about having a direction about where you want to go, why and maybe an idea about how to get there. In the end you shouldn’t wait for someone to offer you or tell you what PD you need.

  • You are an independent learner, make it count, make it known
  • You know what you are interested in learning and how it can help you at the coal face in the class
  • It can be free – making connections on Twitter, joining a Twitterchat, a Google Group, professional reading, MOOCs
  • Talking it over with your team (or tribe) might be a good idea, others might be interested or have some valuable insight as well

We expect students to exemplify resourceful lifelong learners, we should model this ourselves.


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