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February 18, 2017

Yesterday we had a whole school PD day. We looked at belief statements we drafted at the start of the school year. We were given some time in this PD session to reflect and build upon them.

I went back to the different drafts I had created over the years. I found 5 statements dating back as far as 12 years ago. I think my first attempt at a belief statement was simply to get a job. The statement, looking back on it, was very shallow and rather embarrassing to be honest. It certainly doesn’t really reflect what I believe now but sounded good at the time I guess.

Before updating my current draft belief statement yesterday, I tried to narrow down the Big 5 things I believe in that transcend teaching.

I came up with these:

Relationships. These matter a whole lot. In fact so much that without relationships you have an ill functioning community.

Integrity. Acting with integrity and trying to make good decisions and be true to yourself.

Accountability. I hold my students and my own children accountable. Why should I be any different? If I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing in my role as a father or as an educator then I need to called on it or the whole thing falls apart.

Recognition. Recognising and celebrating others  (publicly or privately) for what they do.

Empathy. The glue that holds the other 4 beliefs together.


Having said I hold these beliefs does not mean that I am always true to them however. Of course there is dissonance at times. Being aware of this at least helps me guide the ship a bit better using the beliefs as an anchor.
These 5 beliefs for me are important for not only teaching but for things like sport, friendships and every day life. What was comforting was how my beliefs are supported within my school. I can see parallels between my beliefs and the community in which I work professionally. So as I continue to draft my belief statement I can see how beliefs have changed over time and continue to develop.

Have yours?




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