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Belated Thoughts from Learning2Asia Saigon 2016

December 2, 2016

Its taken a LONG time to write this post but here it goes. As part of just simply recording and feeding back… Learning2Asia 2016 wow what can I say. Ive been 5 times and love it. The big takeaways:

  • thinking differently about education and the way I learn
  • connections matter (see pic below) with these awesome educators
  • we learn from each other
  • passions matter
  • we can make things different and sometimes better

Cool Peeps @Dukelyer @PanaAsavavatana @krips and me

I loved John Rinker’s Learning2Talk on Making (Coffee) and  shared this with my admin as it really resonates our journey at JIS with regards to our ‘Makerspace’ and passions we all have for learning.

I had the opportunity to present to a great group on Global Projects and also lead a Cohort group with @chelseamwoods from ISPP in Cambodia. I love how we all learned from each other in both workshops and cohort groups and I really appreciate that the conference is designed to make and strengthen connections. Its not all about sitting and listening to a lecture style format that many conference have. In Learnign2 we are all experts and from from each other.

The last speaker at L2 – Ringo said it best.. The passions of a few can be an inspiration of many.



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