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Every Learning Space can be like the Library and Art Room Right?

September 15, 2016

RI get so inspired by our Art and Library spaces (and those who learn in them) and see the stuff they do and think wow. Pretty awesome and its not just looking AT the spaces (with no kids- that doesn’t count) but peeking in when the kids are IN those spaces and they really want to be there! In fact I want to be there too. I mean who wouldn’t?  You’ve got inquiry, choice, empowerment. This to imply kids do whatever they want. The opposite. There is a clear framework and kids respect that and there are consequences. Then I think… how does my class measure up? Do my learners want to be here in this space?

I was in one of our libraries today in the Middle School. Such a warm place, many places to do different things. So I though why cant all spaces have this feel? Now I know what your thinking and you’re right. But Ive got a small space as a classroom teacher. That’s true I guess (in the traditional model of  4 walls which most of us work) but wouldn’t it be awesome to have break this mindset? No more excuses?  Utilise other learning spaces of the school?

This post from @whatedsaid on Learning Spaces is pretty powerful.

Teacher examples from Edna’s school included:

  • Student-centred, flexible, collaborative, the third teacher.
  • Stimulating space to share and learn.
  • Safe, inviting atmosphere where all contribute meaningfully.
  • Challenging, comfortable setting with teacher guidance.
  • Learning happens everywhere in our school.
  • Feeling anxious, made welcome, feel secure.
  • Working together, sharing ideas and learning.
  • Apprehension, nerves, lead to laughter. Relax.

I wonder what teachers at my school would say in their Six Word Story  about their learning environment?

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