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December 27, 2015

As 2015 draws to a close I reflect on the experiences over the year (s) and think about the people that have influenced they way I am. Not all educators, but most. Educators in my PLN who have so many great ideas and blogs and tweets that influence the way I learn and teach. I started to think about what these influencers have in common. What are the common threads that attracts me to these folks?  These seem to be support, advice, honesty and … challenge. Some great dialogue has come out of others challenging an idea. Of course this is hard. It takes practice to have someone challenge your ideas. It’s a skill we preach to our learners, but how well do we do in these situations ourselves? It’s a skill, a mindset. Yes its ok to disagree. I’m still learning to get better at it.

I also try to reflect on the things I do. I make mistakes and learn from them I think. I love reading blogs but I don’t comme23903692765_0668df3d57_znt enough on them. I should contribute to the community more. I’m a sucker for the short ‘Tips’ blogposts and leadership and tech blogs. I get so much out of them.

One of the most powerful things is when you actually meet these folks you have an online ‘relationship’ with. It’s pretty extraordinary. Sometimes surprising.

I have my ‘go to’ blogs but I’m always looking for those blogs/tweeps out there that sweep me away with new ideas or just pop up one day challenge your thinking and that a conversation gets going all of a sudden your learning with someone else. Exchanging ideas, resources, experiences, pedagogy.

Its pretty powerful.  Here’s to another year of learning with you all in 2016.



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