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New Learnings and Breadcrumbs

August 1, 2015

Change. Changing schools and cities (let alone countries) is tough for international educators. We are privileged enough to be in this profession. Its stressful yet exciting. I for one am leaving one great school for another. One school that as a family we have grown roots as a community. Its tough to leave but its not so far.. down the road about 200km to Jakarta but it still tugs the heart strings a bit knowing you’re leaving a community.

This week we got to know our new community. What a great experience. We already feel right at home and are excited in our new roles and our new school. One of my goals this year is to learn more, be open minded to things. To really take on feedback and follow up on it. Im stating this now, before having to fill out school professional goals, or whatever is in store for me. Im interested in the next step in my new habitat here. If you read my post last year around this time, I had some views on goals setting in past blog

My vision is about dreams, how can I better the world, make me the best educator I can be and learn from others. How can I help others. Its about that ‘moonshot’ thinking and challenging my own thinking and way of doing things that excite me. To be wrong, to try something impossible. So you may think yeah, stupid.. well I want to try, and I want the learners to try and that should be ambitious enough for any educator. Its why I love working with the kids.

I don’t need a rubric or checklist or ‘observation’  (always) to tell me how Im doing. Or a mid-end of year interview with and admin.I believe that learning is continuous. It’s just in time. Its meaningful. Often its not pre planned or predetermined. Learning comes along in various ways and you may not even know youre learning a new skill that will shape your path.

Wish me luck.

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  1. August 4, 2015 9:20 pm

    Good luck!

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