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I. Don’t. Know…

May 11, 2015

I. don’t. know. We hear it every day. In fact we live it ourselves. We DONT know something. And that’s okay. That’s pretty good because it indicates that we are thinking and we want to know more. My grade 3 learners are going through this feeling as we embark on fractions, decimals and percentages. Hard stuff for an 8 or 9 year old (and some adults) to grasp.

I digress…last week an EAL support teacher came in asking me to help with a MS student who was trying to make video using iMovie for the upcoming school movie awards- and had troubles not only with the tech but with the English language involved. Wow, what an authentic way to learn English. This learner has a passion for film making and I’ve got a chance to be a part of helping him. With the help of the EAL teacher, he found some videos on YouTube – in English and Korean to help him. The point is that he had a problem and he found out how to find the answer.

Unlike the old days when I was in school, we walked around WITH knowledge. Locked up in our brains and this knowledge capacity often deemed who was ‘smart’ or not. Now its all about HOW we FIND information. The information is there- the content is there (hello Secondary teachers)..we learn, unlearn and relearn and its the job of the teacher to help learners develop the skills to find the information. But finding information isn’t enough. educators need to help learners sort, understand and present information in a meaningful way.

In grade 3 we talked about how to present stuff. And WHY we need to present stuff in an interesting way and it all came back to audience. We all agreed that we should not present crap especially IF we have an audience. Someone who sees our work. Oddly enough, the learners cared more about what others thought than what sort of grade or score they would get. Wow. How cool I thought.

Lets digress again. How do I feel when I don’t ‘get’ something? Its normal right? – Cue video.

Grade 3 work of out learning product is is here-

I think you can access it should be public. All about how their explanation of a process.

And the thing is if they dont know the process, it is the start of a whole new learning journey.

Hard stuff. This is adult world stuff.

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