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Technically Speaking…

March 14, 2015

Using technology isn’t what I set out to do with my class this year in Grade 3, not a goal for us or even myself. In fact Im not a huge fan of tech for tech’s sake. Im not a guy who knows or cares a lot about Megabytes and RAM. Im not so interested in the tech ‘stuff’ for the most part unless I really need to know about it. For me its about what technology provides. It provides a conduit for connection. A conduit for learning.

Learning for me is the goal, not the technology. #apple This did the trick and still works_7907399914_mIts the learning part that is can I get learners to understand, engage,. inquire..if tech can help this then great, count me in. If not, well that ok as well. Tech isn’t the answer to everything and we shouldn’t be force feeding into out curriculum or ‘Tech Integration plans’. Why not have Learning Plans instead- ok well thats you curriculum right? We love separating stuff- ‘unpacking’ it only to reassemble it again…in the the name of being trans-disciplinary.

At the end of the day its about the learning (yeah yeah…you’ve heard it, read it in a million blogs). What’s cool is that I think ‘we’ are getting it. We aren’t seeing tech as the silver bullet. We are infusing it into our curriculum as required. not in a scatter gun approach Most importantly, we are realising that this is a fluid process. Its not like’ In Unit 3 we shall use Prezi to XYZ” Admin are getting it too. In fact many admin are leading the way with their own Twitter accounts, contributing and sharing.  If you  (as an admin- or leader or teacher for that matter, don’t get it read George Couros blog- he dedicates a whole section to admin who don’t get it. )

We have a huge opportunity here. Don’t let it go to waste.

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