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Not sure if I should post this……..

September 13, 2014

Not sure where to go with this one…. blogs and stuff these days…..

I’m not sure what Im allowed to say or not. Where the boundary lies between between work and personal feelings. Ideas, suggestions. How do you distinguish? As an ‘IT Guy’ this is  a very gray..or grey.. area .. see what I mean? I want to speak my mind as an educator, reflect. Who owns my thoughts on school? On leadership? On education in general? Does a company or entity own my thoughts because I am employed by them? Do I own my thoughts?  Who can I share my ideas with? This is a pretty powerful question Educators are in a special position I think . Are employees bound by rules of what can be said or censored? What about professional sharing? What about Twitter- creating a learning community?

Im not sure these days………. sometimes…

So the grade 3 class is working on their blogging essential agreement. We want to know what we should or should not write in our kidblogs. We are working together this year with @prashanigamage and @shemogani  so its important that our kids  know what to post or not. We are using Common Sense Media scope and sequence even more this year in class to guide our lessons on digital citizenship.

So far we think a good blogger:

  • considers others feelings
  • never posts person information such as full names, addresses, where they are going
  • thinks before they post
  • understands that what goes online stays online
  • considers their audience
  • checks things like spelling and punctuation

As we develop our essential agreement, we may need to change it, adapt it as we learn more about working online.



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  1. September 14, 2014 12:31 pm

    Jason, you bring up a very valid point with thoughts and opinions. As a teacher I am very much encouraging my students to speak their mind. I am happy if students feel comfortable enough to question me, argue with me, share their thoughts and opinions both positive and negative. I use the negative side of comments to reflect upon my own teaching and think how I can I make this a better learning experience for the student. Sometimes, I need a kick in the butt from a student to tell me when something is not working (yes it happens, us teachers are never perfect). Should we as teachers and more importantly responsible adults not be given the same freedom? There is a difference between slander and sharing your opinion. Opinions (good or bad) can be backed up by reasons. Is there a difference to posting anonymously or writing under your name? Should there be a difference? Lots of questions to ask and more importantly answer.

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