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Ibu Rita’s Library Take 2

April 17, 2013

Ibu Rita’s Home Library. I’ve blogged about this great community initiative before here, set up by one woman with a vision to make her community a better place. Yes, Ibu Rita is an amazing woman. Our ex-librarian. P1020979

My grade 1 kids and I went to Ibu Rita’s Library this week. It’s always a great visit. My school is deeply involved with her library supporting it in many ways. We were connecting with our Central Idea about making local and global connections. We went to the library to work with her students, many of whom go to a free school in the local village. Great kids. So polite. We read books, played games, did some craft and had a bit of food. We talked and had some laughs. I am an optimist but sadly the kids I teach are worlds away from Ibu Rita’s kids that frequent her library so I am dubious that any ‘authentic’ or long lasting connection could ever be made (plus the fact they are 6 years old). However, I think we got alot out of it. It’s funny because kids are well, kids and many kids at this age P1020936are happy to play and chat, hang out and have fun. Adults complicate things.  Okay, so maybe we didn’t connect that well with our Central Idea or come away some deep conceptual understandings but looking at the kids they had FUN. The respected each other, cooperated, communicated in English and Indonesian and acted with integrity.  For me it was a huge success. Judging by the kid’s reactions and reflections afterwards it was a success for them as well.

Ibu Rita, see you next year!

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