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Look who’s Blogging Now!

September 8, 2012

A lot of talk about blogging has been going on in my school.

The who, what, where and how. Its catching on. My grade1 class made their first blog posts this week on kidblog.  They were pretty stoked. Wait until they find out they will be collaborating on a #flatclass project and #kinderchat project with @tashacowdy and  @MauiMickey students this year!

Oh we’re from Tigerland…

So all this blog talk centered around authentic means of blogging. The ‘why’.  I know why I blog. Its a place for me to reflect and connect. A place to share to whomever will listen -or read in this instance.  When I found out one of our  very own teachers was a ‘closet blogger‘ ,  I was pleasantly surprised. He showed me his  blog contributions. He is actually a very well known blogger which blew me away a little.  He has his own forum! He finds meaning in blogging about his passion. Australian Rules Football. He is a star blogger folks with quite a following. All this time right under our noses! I find this very motivating for a few reasons.

1.  Authentic connection. – he is writing about something he is interested in not what someone tells him to write about.

2. Wide audience– this site gets a lot of traffic and people come to read his works.

3. Enjoyable– he enjoys sharing his opinions, advice and thoughts with others.
I then thought, I wonder how many of our students have a blog or have the opportunity or encouragement to start connecting with others in an authentic way? I did a survey last year with the Secondary students and out of 45 respondents only 6 had blogs. This makes me wonder, are we supporting our learners? Are we modeling enough? Can we use the 3 points above to encourage global connections and collaboration in our school community? I think this is such an excellent example of the power of the blog. Of connecting us.

Warning: The site he blogs on might contain some jokes that some may find offensive or otherwise off colour. Yes I know, now Ive piqued your curiosity….so go for it but you’ve been warned!

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