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#Kinderblog2012: Question numero six!

August 6, 2012

Okay…here goes the final installment of the #kinderblog2012 challenge

The Challenge: If we’re honest, we all have days when, for any number of reasons (lack of sleep, family issues, minor illness, idiopathic crankiness…) we are just not at our best. There are days when, in any other line of work, we would probably call in sick, but we don’t because we know the impact of our absence is so great. What are your survival tips and tricks to get yourself and your students through those days in one piece? Special supplies to keep on hand? Treats that get you through? Lifesaving lessons or activities?

I must say I rarely have those days thank goodness! I’m sure having just ten students and an awesome class Assistant Teacher (shout out to Lydia) make a HUGE difference. But alas, I am human and although these are few and far between they do occur.

Lifesaving engagements are always one that involve movement. With six year olds, movement and laughter in a relaxed learning atmosphere work for me. In fact that sort of sums up what I do most of the time anyways. Supplies? I have this chinese mask I usesometimes. Maybe twice a year. You know those times when everyone seems a bit stressed and is SO ready for a break? Times when the kids, staff and even admin are a bit restless? Well I when feel this happening, and it is not planned at all, Ill walk out of the class and re enter with the mask. Mr Jay just stepped out  I explain. The kids know its me of course buts it just a great way to say ‘right-we need a BREAK’! A laugh. Imagination to get us through here. I thought about introducing a few other characters that might make an appearance as a ‘relief’ teacher during those stressful moments of the year. Above all a little humor goes a long way.

Hey and a big shout out to Amy @happycampergirl  for the inspiration for this #kinderblog 2012 challenge and to all my new #kinderchat peeps.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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