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July 27, 2012


That’s the first sound to come out of my friend’s mouth when he read the title of this post. ‘What on earth are you talking about’? he said.

If you’re reading this right now on my blog, you’re more than likely part of my PLN so you know what it means. If not, PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. Everyone should have one. Everyone should have access to one. It may consist of 5 people, 500 or 5000.  The point is they are there for you and you are there for them. To share, collaborate, discuss and most importantly LEARN. I love being an educator. We ‘get’ this stuff. I wonder how many CEO’s are connected in some twitter #ceochat somewhere. Or a CFO Ning somewhere where multibillion dollar firms can share information for the betterment of global trade and finance. Wouldn’t it be great if doctors shared their valuable expertise with each other somewhere other than conferences? A collaborative blog perhaps? I don’t know maybe they do.

The power of the PLN has been written about countless times. Us educators know its value. This is where I need your help as my PLN:

  •  HOW are you supporting the development of your learners PLN.? Are we even a part of it? Should we be?
  • How are lead learners school leaders supporting their students PLN?
  • Should students come to school with their PLN in their pocket to help them learn in class?

What do you think?

Why not send me your thoughts in a tweet? @jasongraham99 and use #byopln

BTW- If you are a school leader and do not have a PLN, want to get started but dont know how? Take the first step and check out this blog Connected Principals created by @gcouros

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