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It’s a Balancing Act

June 3, 2012

So Ive just completed my first year as Learning Technologies Coordinator.

Dear BIS Staff
I was challenged a lot this year. The staff at my school are great and very open minded. Like all educators, they have the best interest of their learners in mind.So this is a reflection post. What Ive learned. What Ive taken away and what I’ll use to improve myself next year.

Things that worked well:

    • Professional development – getting three staff (including me) to do one of the online VHS courses.
    • iPads in EC. Positive feedback on integration
    • Google Apps with staff. I think it has been well received
    • BIS Portal
  • ES Class Blogs-most teachers used them- we still need more time by admin to discuss, compare .
  • ES digital portfolios- well received by grade 1 parents
  • Support by BIS community,- parents, peers, admin who are very supportive of my personal PD ambitions

My challenges:

  • Still no defined Tech Vision, how can we measure our success of our 1:1?
  • Network issues still apparent. IT staff often unaware if community does not use DORA to submit tech issues
  • Wifi needs seamless access, not changing WAPs as you move about the campus.
  • My leadership in anything technical. The IT staff are professionals and I believe that the I support them, not the other way around. I feel they need clearer guidance.
  • I make it a point to see the IT staff every morning and every afternoon to say ‘hello’.  This is not enough though. My goal next year is to have monthly lunches outside of BIS with each IT staff member, speak in Indonesian and develop more of a relationship.
  • Proximity between IT staff and me-my office is across the campus.

So these are my thoughts for this year. It has been a good year and well supported by the community.
Time is the most valuable resource of educators.

I thank you and hope to serve you better in 2012-13. Thanks for being such a professional group of people to work with and learn from.

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