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Does technology divide more than connect?

April 7, 2012

Technology only empowers those who have access to it.

I’ve been struggling with this idea for some time now. It is an obvious statement.I live in Indonesia, and work at a school and in community that values technology as a means to create and share knowledge. Has our technical world been taken for granted? I saw someone  at the airport a few months ago upset that their wifi was too slow. The world seemed to be coming to an end for this individual. First world problems indeed.

So is there really such a thing as a ‘Digital Native’?  Prensky thinks so. I am struggling with these questions:

  • Isn’t this just a term for the wealthiest of the world’s minority who have access to such technology? If so, are we are becoming more and more dependent on technology to seek and share information, are we alienating and widening the divide between those who have access to technology and those who do not?
  • Do we need to focus on those nations and peoples who lack means to share their knowledge, thoughts and ideas?
  • If we place such value on knowledge and the connections we make online, the question needs to be asked ‘Who aren’t we communicating with?’ and ‘Whose ideas are not being recognized and celebrated due to lack of opportunity reach a global audience?

This concerns me: ‘Who aren’t we communicating with’ and ‘Whose ideas are not being recognized and celebrated due to lack of opportunity reach a global audience?

Why? Because I really value the connections I have made, cultivated from Twitter, blogs and other social networks. I enjoy learning from them, challenging them and being challenged. I often wonder who am I NOT following that might make a significant impact on my thinking, my life? I wonder if those who lack means to technology can say the same? Or do they even think about this when wondering when and where your next meal is coming from trumps everything.

What do you think?

@mgraffin has invited me to his #globalclassroom chat on Twitter coming up this April. We will discuss some of these issues and get your opinions, thoughts and ideas.



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