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Blogging is the 21st Century Soapbox

February 4, 2012
  • Everyone has something to say
  • Everyone matters
  • Your voice DOES count.

My grandad always used to say “If you’ve got something to say then go on and say it”. For me this was a very threatening way to express my opinion, but he meant well I’m sure. For me , writing and blogging, whether anyone is listening or not is quite irrelevant. (I am very flattered that you have taken time to read this post mind you so don’t get me wrong)!  I blog because I have something to say- that I think is important.

Having said that, you’ve got something to say and you need to say it. It’s what we teach out kids right?  We want our kids to have a voice, take action. Make a difference. The old addage ‘Say what you mean, mean what you say’.  The cool thing about social media today is that everyone DOES matter. Everyone CAN be heard. Opinions do matter. Pundits say that Twitter and the like are there only for like minded people to come together to soothe each others  like minded egos and interests. I  argue the contrary. Social media allows for discussion, exchange and is a conduit for others to challenge your beliefs and ideas. This is learning. Blogging is the 21st century soap box. We all can have a say. Can all be heard. Our students need to know they have a voice and it counts. They need to know they DO matter and can make a difference. The issue lies in how do they go about expressing themselves in a manner that will make a difference.

Shouldn’t we be promoting free thinking, expression and action in our schools?

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