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Kids need to know they make a difference

November 26, 2011

Kids need to know they make a difference. They need to know we care about their learning.  Most importantly they need to care about and take control of their own learning. We learn new things every day. Some of which we learn explicitly and some implicitly. We also need to unlearn things we have learned as information changes. What learners need to know, realise and understand is that they do make a difference. It may be on a personal level or perhaps on a grander scale but their actions will make a difference to someone somewhere. Take for example, the child who has taken action and feels he/she is empowered to use knowledge in a meaningful way. In some way this child has acted and has made an impact.

Learning is infectious. It has motion.

When kids know they have the power to change things and make a difference, a follow on effect occurs.

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