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Why are we learning this? Are we switching kids off?

October 29, 2011

I have spent the last few weeks looking at the way I teach. Really focussing and reflecting on the purpose. Most of the time my learners  look engaged, but kids can be brutally honest when they dislike something, are bored or do not see the purpose in what they are learning. There are times when they ask (and refreshingly so) ‘WHY are we learning this? I wish this would happen more often.  If the learner does not see the point, then what IS the point? What is our goal? This is what we need to ask ourselves everyday. For every engagement. ‘Why are we learning this’? should be the mantra of every educator. All too often we are forced to teach to a curriculum that emphasises content learners might need while not being explicit enough in promoting and supporting thinking and decision making skills that learner will need to be  a lifelong learner.

So then, why are we learning this?


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  1. Mary Collins permalink
    October 29, 2011 1:49 pm

    Yes, we should be asking ourselves ‘Why are we learning this?’ and encouraging our students to ask the same; and also asking ‘Why are we doing this?’ We cannot assume that everything we do or set up at school involves learning, although I believe that it should. Frameworks such as The Four Rs can really help students here – and also teachers! Strategies such as the learning wheel can also offer teachers (as well as students) and insight into what students are actually learning. We need to continually keep in mind that teaching does not equal learning.

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