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Reflections of a PYP Online Workshop Leader

September 25, 2011

Ive been an online PYP workshop leader since the start of 2011. Ive been facilitating workshops non stop since January, and have loved every minute of it. I love connecting with others around the globe. The different perspectives, ideas and cultures. We are all educators with the same goal. We are all lifelong learners. One thing that really hits home for me is that unlike face to face workshops, an online facilitator does not have the benefit of ‘reading’ the participants. This is where the facilitator needs to be be more about people and less about technology. As a good friend once told me (again and again) ‘Technology is all about people’. He couldn’t have been more accurate in the world of online learning. Technology in online learning needs to be seamless. It needs a human touch. Human support. I just hope that I am supporting this in my own learning journey as an online workshop leader. Technology and people, Sometimes its a balancing act.

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