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July 17, 2011

When I heard I was accepted to the PYP Workshop Leader training programme in Thailand, I was stoked. I had been working on this personal PD goal for about 2 years. I had my ticket and was all packed then boom, I got sick. Bali belly- whatever you want to call it, some bug had me crook big time. I was down and was not going to the training Id so hoped for. There will be other chances I hope, health is the main thing I suppose but its the missed opportunity that strikes me to the bone.

It got me thinking of other missed opportunities in life,and how we need to help our learners make good decisions and deal with disappointment. Just because an opportunity presents itself does not mean its the best choice right? So a student is dismayed because they did not get into their college of choice, or score that magical number on the test or be ranking number 1….I’m reminded of the journey to get to that goal. Okay, so hey I got accepted to training which is cool- says something, but I didn’t get to go in the end and I reflect back on what I learned just trying to get there. That is as so valuable; that journey, so that even if I’m not selected again, there is nothing lost…only gain.

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