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Education Development Workshop

May 23, 2011

EDP Workshop @ BIS

Last Saturday I delivered a workshop for our EDP Project on best practice classroom management strategies to local Indonesian teachers here in Bandung. All participants were great! I was so impressed at the open mindedness willingness to have a go at the activities. The challenge for me was to create and deliver a workshop for teachers who teach in very different learning environment than my own.

These local teachers:
– had an average of 40 students per class
– had no assistant teacher support
– had limited use of technology
– taught in classes where behaviour problems were very evident
– had limited school funds
– were constrained by standardised testing and student ranking scores

So many of the strategies that I use here at BIS needed a major overhaul in some cases, but in the end I felt they came away with ways they can effectivley create a an engaging learning classroom with large groups.

Ill definately donate my time next year for this worthy cause!

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  1. May 29, 2011 9:12 am

    Jay, this project looks very interesting and I am looking to do some work in local schools (Thailand) myself. What did you look at with the teachers? I am trying to think of ways in which schools with low funding could use free web2.0 tools to enrich the learning experience of their students.

  2. June 2, 2011 6:38 am

    Chris, on this occassion we focused on classroom management strategies with large class sizes. Strategies included: grouping, pairwork, classroom layout and creating engaging learning environments. The ‘basics’. These teachers have so many learners with little resources or space in which to work but I believe it’s the little things that make working with large clases work. It needs to be manageable.

    Next week our IT specialist is running an EDP workshop on IT tools for underfunded schools. The objective is to give teachers the knowledge of how to find resources they can use on the web. They might need to go to an internet cafe or use their home PC if they have one but at least they will be empowered to have access to these resources as a start. It’s unrealistic to show these teachers the coolest top 20 web tools when the only computer lives in theheadmasters office under a blanket! We also have negotiated with admin that these teachers be granted access to our computer facilities on Saturdays as an ongoing initiative to expand their knowledge and PD. Lets hope it is a success!

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