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The Flat Staffroom

March 12, 2011

Okay, so I ‘borrowed’ the idea from Julie Lindsay’s ‘The Flat Classroom’. I rediscovered the power of Twitter the other day. On the way to school I was thinking, how can I get teachers together quickly, staffroom to staffroom in a collaborative environment. Not everyone is on Twitter. We do the same for students right? So I Tweeted. I sent out a call for other educationalists to ‘do’ a 2 minute video Skype in Technoid about anything (well I was hoping for something along the lines of iPad or iTouch – uses to enhance student learning) at our next whole staff meeting on Tuesday…… Behold, I got 5 replies in about 3 minutes. Pretty impressive. So Ive got a 2 minute technoid from a fellow professional in Bangkok. The most productive 5 minutes Ive ever spent organising a meeting! Should be cool.

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