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From Twit to Twitterer

February 5, 2011

So Im back using Twitter. I think its got a bad rep for the most part with celbs posting mindless dribble about their day to make us ordinary folk feel inadequate and who really has the time right?. I now look at it differently. I see the value in it because it is less hassle to tweet than it is to compose an email. The verb here is COMPOSE. I dont think you really can compose a tweet, not with the word limit. And unlike an email where you select your recipients, Twitter just sends it out to all.   I like the quick response time of this communication tool. If I need some feedback now, I tweet. If I need feedback in 24 hrs or a few days in many cases I email. Its an instant gratification thing. It works because email is going the way of snail mail I believe. Email just seems SO 21st century LOL. Our kids have already caught on to this, maybe thats why when I send an email to students they reply days later, as in the case the case of urgent message to one of the high school basketball team captains. I mean I even put the red exclamation mark in my email (sent by Outlook of course)!  When I asked ‘Hey dont you ever check your email?’ I got a dumbfounded look. Now I think I know why. So what better way to send a quick message to students or parents? Its less formal and sometimes less really IS more.

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