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Global Education Conference 2010

November 17, 2010

I just finished presenting at a virtual conference on Voicethread. . I must say very cool. It was great to have people so into in this virtual collaboration. An enriching experience indeed. My favorite part of the whole experience is the genuine willingness to help each other and share. Global Conference Education 2010I think the education ‘industry’- hate that term- is much better at communication and sharing than other industries in the world where the goal is making money. Educators are not in competition with each other which makes us unique. Schools may be a business but education is not and what I experienced today proves this hands down. Educators support each other. Educators share. Educators truly believe that we can do something collectively to change the world. I will take away from this experience how teachers helped each other and knowing that we are not alone out there no matter where we live. I highly recommend being a participant, moderator or presenter if the opportunity arises.

Check out my recording on voicethread via the QR Code below.


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